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Who Would You Vote For: The Billionaire, or the Other Guy?

October 26, 2010

Carl Paladino, the multimillionaire. That’s all the media seems to report about the man who is only a few points behind Andrew Cuomo in the polls to become the next New York Governor. But why is Paladino’s bank account the focus of Cuomo supporters, and the media?


Known as the Tea party Candidate, Paladino, 64, bought his first major office building in 1978. Drawing on a $500 line of credit and borrowing from co-investors, he started his real estate empire.   He also served as Chief Executive officer of Ellicott Development Company. Paladino is also a senior managing partner in the law firm of Paladino, Cavan and Quinlivin, a firm that specializes in corporate and real estate law. In 1999 he was honored by the city of Buffalo as Buffalonian of the year and in 1993 as Alumnus of the year by St. Bonaventure University. Paladino is currently running on a republican ticket. However, he was a registered Democrat from 1974-2005.


In the new liberal America, being a business man and becoming successful in a country that prides itself on capitalism, is evil. Since when did capitalism become a dirty word? Since the liberal congress took over and told the American people to sit back for 99 weeks, and collect unemployment while the government focused on the hope and change they know is best for you. New York leans so left, the thought of a republican, as in the words of Paladino, “Taking a baseball bat to Albany” is surely causing an uproar amongst the very far left.


On September 23rd a New York Times online columnist wrote, “Carl P. Paladino a Buffalo multimillionaire who jolted the Republican Party with his bluster and belligerence, rode a wave of disgust with Albany to win his party’s nomination for governor of New York….” Such strong words as belligerence and disgust should be used cautiously.  However, this columnist comfortably threw them in the article to paint a picture of a Conservative monster.  This wave Paladino rode in on is not disgust, but a wave better known as (cue the villain music) The Tea Party! Rallying up this group, which formed in 2009, is the worst fear for anyone on the opposing side. Made up of Americans, not just Republicans, but Americans of all political parties, who are tired of being overtaxed, overworked and underpaid. The same New York Times columnist continued to say that Paladino, “energized Tea Party advocates and social conservatives with white-hot rhetoric and a damn-the-establishment attitude.” But maybe that’s the wake up call New York needs.


I’m not a political analyst or a politician, but even I can see the past two governors took a bite out of the Big Apple, and it was more than they could chew. Former Speaker of the United States Representatives, Newt Gingrich was quoted saying, “If you want to rebuild jobs in New York state, Carl Paladino is the only choice in the election.


I’m not stating Carl Paladino is scandal free, and I’m sure if you follow politics you know about the other reason why “squeaky clean background” democrats are up in arms about him trailing Cuomo just enough to stay in the running.


A strong emphasis on the word allegedly, Carl Paladino is being accused of allegedly forwarding offensive e-mails to his friends in the construction business. Though Paladino admitted in some of the emails he is being accused of sending are authentic, others aren’t, and the site that broke the story has been accused of email scandals such as this in the past.


What I find the most amusing about his scandal is how involved mister scandal himself Governor Paterson became. Paterson wanted all contracts with Ellicott Development Company examined for any morality clauses that would allow the state to revoke them. However, they wound up having no such clause allowing the state to cancel, and Paterson later announced they would be honored.


A Constitutionalist, and a man who’s not just a politician but runs a successful business as well, Carl Paladino, by many Republicans, is seen as a breath of fresh air they will not be taxed on. However, if you feel your hard earned money should be taken out of your paycheck and spent on the unemployed New Yorkers who are too good to stand at the register in a supermarket for minimum wage, then vote for Andrew Cuomo, the other multimillionaire candidate.



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