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Letter to readers – Week of 9/30

October 26, 2010

Dear readers,

As we have previously done in the past, the campus magazine will continue to inform and educate students, faculty and staff on the news occurring outside of Long Island University.  If you haven’t read the Post Bottom Line until now, here is a brief synopsis about the publication. CW Post students cover an array of topics. We discuss everything from news, features, fashion, and sports to entertainment, current events and opinions.

At the Post Bottom Line, we believe it is important for students in college to be aware of the outside world and not just the bubble of our very own campus.  Everyone for that matter should be caught up on the most recent election poll, if a natural disaster happened, or if a federal law was passed in Congress.  This is what we intend to do for you.  We will inform you of the latest news, and you don’t even have to buy Newsday or the New York Times.  You can pick up this magazine, which will be inserted in the Pioneer at the end of every month.

Moving onto the fun-filled, first issue of the Post Bottom Line.  Our news section features the most recent update on the Gulf oil spill.  Not to mention, Boeing just announced a new plan for people interested in traveling to outer space.  Is exercising as healthy for you as you think it is? Turn to page five to check out the latest in nutrition.  In the sports world, professional baseball leagues are facing a tough decision on the MVP of the year.  While in politics, the state of New York is also facing a tough choice in its governor race.  To complete this edition of the magazine is a fun page of your horoscope for the month of October!

We also look forward to your comments and questions or even suggestions for future topics and articles.  So enjoy the first issue of the magazine this semester.  We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed producing it.  Until next time, ciao!

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